Why is Great Kei Trek so special?

The riding – much of the route will be based on existing roads and tracks, but we have met with many of the farmers and other landowners in the region and they have granted us permission to build and create our own tracks. So much of the trail you will be riding will be almost brand new.

Offer riding that will give riders a good mix of single track, jeep track and dirt roads

More focused on this being a tour – not a race

Strava sections – this will appeal to some of the “downhill racers”, as well as the climbers, and the technical guys/ girls

VIP hospitality all round – see more about the fun tented accommodation options

Not a mass participation event – limited numbers

Not as expensive as competitor events

E-Bike category 

Unique riding to the area

Complimentary shuttles from EL airport to Queenstown and from Morgan Bay and Kei Mouth to East London airport

Rider Box and Bike transport packages to start and back to Jhb

Good Eastern Cape hospitality..

Phola Coaches
Splash Works