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The maps below are of the 2022 event. This will give you a rough ideas as to what to expect for 2023, but expect a few fun changes.

There will be some beach riding, but we know how much a service costs for your bike, so whilst the scenery will be spectacular, we will limit beach riding to less than a few kilometre’s over the three days.

Something very important to take note of. Distances may be shorter than normal, but that’s because there are no endless kilometres of long dirt roads. This is good honest riding. Not too technical, but really rewarding.

What you will learn on this weekend, is that it’s not just about the riding…. There’s a lot more on offer that will make you want to keep coming back time after time.


A special journey into the Old Transkei. The route will take you towards Kei Mouth where you will cross the Great Kei River on the local ferry. From there, riders will head into rural Transkei, passing through a number of villages such as Tafeni and Nibe before heading down to Trennerys with a short beach crossing just before the hotel and Waterpoint 1.

Seagulls Hotel is a mere 1km away from Trennerys. And we decided it would be a travesty not to stop over for Waterpoint 2 to take in the scenery. This will also be a compulsory checkpoint.

After that, it’s back to Kei Mouth, using some interesting trails before reaching the ferry. From there, it’s a mere 7km back to Morgan Bay and the finish. Tick 60km off for the day. 

Don’t forget the Bushpig and the Kei Mouth Golf Course can be a detour if you are up to it.

Enjoy a cold one and join in for a great dinner.


Saturday will be a tough day. It starts with a sneaky climb out of Morgan Bay heading towards the Morgan Bay Cliffs. 

Then it’s off into The Black Rock Farm, with your destination being The Cock Inn, a well known landmark in the area. 

From there we will head to Bayview Farm, owned by Ken Tucker, for Waterpoint 1 at the 25km mark. A mildly relaxing piece of tar will take you to Horseshoe Bend, (aka Spider Valley) and a view of the mighty Kei River. Do stop to take photo’s.

If you are up to it, The Shed, our next Waterpoint at the 43km mark, serves more than just water.  

From there its into Kei Mouth, past Lover’s Lane, past the Kei Mouth Golf Course, and a fun section of dirt road back into Morgan Bay and the finish.


Day 3 is a personal favourite. Riders head out of Morgan Bay, climbing on tar for about 5km before turning into The Black Rock Farm, owned by Revell Saint and the Saints Family Trust. The farm boasts more than a bump or two, but the scenery is out of this world.

After leaving the farm, it’s a dirt road towards Haga Haga. Oppie Plaas will be the second Waterpoint of the day at the 27km mark. Then its on to Oppie Plaas, a charming country restaurant, then on to the Haga Haga Hotel at the 30km mark. Again, relax, take in the scenery and enjoy. As we will have a surprise waiting for you.

Then it’s back towards Morgan Bay, with the beautiful cliffs waiting where there will be a compulsory 10 minute stop, courtesy of Emerald Vale Breweries. Again, take in the scenery, relax and then head back to the finish approximately 2km away.

Then get refreshed and get ready to enjoy the after party at the The Deck at The Morgan Bay Hotel 

Route Overview - These are the latest maps, but still subject to change

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